The Friends of the Orpheum Theatre (FOTOT) is a volunteer organization whose purpose is to provide educational and fundraising support for the Orpheum Theatre, which is owned and operated by the City of Phoenix.

FOTOT was officially established in November 1993 as the “support arm” of the Orpheum Theatre Foundation.  The original members of FOTOT were community volunteers who provided active support in the preservation, rehabilitation, and reuse of the historic Orpheum Theatre.

Our first official, and very successful, membership drive for FOTOT began in September of 1996.

The grand reopening of the beautifully restored Orpheum Theatre took place on January 29, 1997.  After the reopening, FOTOT continued to provide active volunteers in-theatre (ushers and docents) and external (community education and outreach) support.

In 2001, FOTOT separated from the Orpheum Theatre Foundation and became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation in March of 2002.

For the next eight years, FOTOT managed the training and scheduling of volunteer ushers for events and docents to provide tours of the restored theatre.  In 2010, these activities were turned over to Phoenix Convention Center and Venues.

Today, FOTOT continues to be an all volunteer based organization who serves to provide historical, educational, and fundraising support for the Orpheum Theatre.